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Degussa AG High Performance Polymers is part of the Degussa group, which is a global producer of Speciality chemicals. The high performance business is headquartered in Marle , Germany and is a leading producer of the following polymers.

Vestamid® L Series (PA 12) Polyamide 12: PA12 is a semi crystalline polyamide with excellent toughness, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, but unlike most other polyamides it has high dimensional stability at varying humidity levels. In addition it has high toughness at low temperatures and has excellent stress crack resistance. Degussa produce a range of grades including unfilled, glass filled, flame retardant, carbon fibre filled and conductive grades. We also have grades suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.

Vestamid® D Series (PA 612) Polyamide 612: PA612 is also semi crystalline polyamide, but it has higher tensile strength, rigidity and heat deflection temperature than Nylon 12.

Vestamid® E Series (PEBA) Polyamide elastomers: PEBA are block copolymers of Nylon 12 and polyether. The Polyether depending on the concentration give the compounds high to very high flexibility and extremely high Impact strength s down to –60 * C.

Trogamid® Transparent special polyamides: Trogamid is the registered trade name for amorphous and transparent Polyamides from Degussa. Compared with other transparent polymers, trogamid has excellent chemical resistance, low stress cracking sensitivity, is rigid and tough and has good electrical properties.

Vestodur® (PBT) Polybutylene terephthalate Vestadur is the Degussa range of PBT grades. Wee produce a full range of grades including Unfilled, filled, Impact modified, Flame retardant including Halogen Free grades. We also produce laser markable grades

Vestadur CL  PBT – Cross linkable grades: Vestadur CL is degussas registered trademark for our Cross linkable PBT compounds. CL grades are ideal for short-term high torture high temp applications as an alternative to the more expensive high temperature materials

Vestoran® (PPE) Polyphenylene ether: Vestoran PPE is an amorphous polymer therefore it has low shrinkage, which makes it suitable for eliminating warp age in large parts and sink marks in heavy wall sections. Moisture absorption is also very low. Heat deflection can vary from 110*C to 190*C depending on the grade. Vestoran is suitable for automobile parts, domestic appliances, water fittings washing machine and dishwasher parts.

Dyflor ® (PVDF) Polyvinylidene fluoride: Dyflor PVDF is distinguished by excellent chemical and UV resistance. In addition PVDF has high resistance to ionising radiation, high thermal stability and a HDT of 145*C, making it particularly suitable for use in the Chemical industry.

Vestosint® (PA 12) PA 12 powder PA12 powder for fluidised bed coating

Vestamelt® (COPA, COPES) Copolyamide/copolyester powders and copolyamide granules: Co polyamide and co polyester thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

K&K Composites Plastic/rubber composites without adhesive promoters.