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LNP / GE Advanced Materials, a GE Plastics Company, is a leading global manufacturer of custom engineered thermoplastics, serving customers in the automotive, information technology, business equipment, telecommunications, electrical, health care, and industrial and consumer markets.   

LNP employs about 1,000 people worldwide and manufactures custom engineered thermoplastics in 11 locations throughout the U.S. , Canada , Mexico , Europe, Asia Pacific and South America .  Global headquarters for LNP is Exton , Pa. ; LNP Europe is Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands; LNP Asia Pacific is Shanghai , China .

LNP produce a range of Engineering compounds that can be broken down into the following application areas.

Wear Resistance: Lubricomp® and Lubriloy® Internally Lubricated Compounds

Lubricomp® compounds provide inherent lubricity by combining engineering resins with PTFE, silicone, aramid fibre or other fillers. Our Lubriloy® compounds are proprietary lubricated alloys offering wear properties approaching PTFE-lubricated materials at reduced costs and improved physical properties. Lubricomp compounds can be created from over 30 engineering thermoplastics, including polycarbonate, acetal, nylon, polyphenylene sulphide, ABS, PEEK, PPO and polypropylene.

Electrically Active: Stat-Kon® and Stat-Loy® Conductive and Statically Dissipative Compounds

Stat-Kon® compounds are made by compounding base polymers with electrically conductive fillers or reinforcing agents such as carbon powder, carbon fibre or stainless steel fibbers, producing conductive and dissipative materials in the 100 to 1012 ohms/sq. resistivity range. Stat-Loy® alloys contain permanent anti-static additives that are non-humidity dependent and non-migratory, are colourable and have resistivities in the 109 – 1012 ohms/sq. range.        

EMI Shielding: Faradex® and EMI-X® Electrically Conductive Compounds

Faradex® compounds combine engineering thermoplastics, including ABS, PC/ABS, PC and PP, with stainless steel fibbers in relatively low concentrations. EMI-X® compounds may be formulated with either stainless steel or carbon fibres, and feature a broader array of base resins. Faradex® compounds (single pellets) and EMI-X compounds (masterbatch blended pellets) are pre-colourable and injection mouldable.      

Thermally Conductive: Konduit® Thermally Conductive Compounds

Konduit® compounds combine engineering thermoplastics, including PPS, PP, liquid crystal polymers (LCP), nylon (PA), PBT and PEI with thermally conductive fillers such as ceramics, carbon fibre or graphite. The ceramic filled resins are most popular since they are electrically insulative. Many more crystalline resins and select amorphous resins are being evaluated to fit a variety of applications.       

Structural Compounds: Verton® Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites

Verton® composites combine nylon, polypropylene, polyphthalamide, polyester (PBT), ABS and other engineering thermoplastics with long glass fibbers using a patented pultrusion process. The amount of glass reinforcement typically ranges from 25% to 60% by weight. Verton composites using polymers from GE Plastics are actively under development and offer exciting opportunities.  

Reinforced Compounds: Thermocomp®  Filled and Reinforced Compounds

Thermocomp® compounds combine virtually any base resin available today with a wide range of fillers and reinforcements, including glass fibre, carbon fibre and glass beads. A diverse portfolio of materials can be created, including those with enhanced mechanical properties, resistance to temperature and chemicals, tight tolerance materials, variable specific gravity materials, melt processible fluoropolymers and much more.       

Flame Retardant Compounds: Starflam® Compounds

Starflam® compounds are LNP’s line of flame retardant compounds with FR ratings from 850ºC glow wire to UL 94 5V ratings, and are based on most major engineering resins. Many UL listings are available. Halogen-free and red phosphorous-free Starflam nylon 6 and nylon 6/6 compounds are also available for applications where ECO design is required.